stunning canadian wedding

"A cord of three strains is not easily broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12 

more to come, I just couldn't wait any longer!


Woods' family

Truly capturing an everyday moment:
 Ashley looking AMAZING...
Daniel checkin himself out...
and Kaden is just concerned with the rocks...


meant to spend the day studying

But ... this was calling my name.
no, i didn't have one. but i wanted to.
it pays to know the right people :) thanks Leaha and Asif!
anyone from the north interested in visiting yet?
How about now?
before you book your flight, call me :)
sure beats studying pathophysiology all day :)


The cutest boy in the world.

I swear I'm not bias ... see for yourself.

the infamous digger
give a kid a rock...
and he'll be happy the rest of the shoot :)
who's that???